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How do we sign up and how much will it cost?

By Brookings Rangers, 10/29/17, 9:19PM CDT


How much will hockey cost?

BISA strives to keep the registration fees as reasonable as possible, and you’ll find they’re much lower than you hear about from other towns. Registration fees vary by age and are listed in our New Parent Guide.

The prices of equipment will vary depending on where and when you purchase equipment. Equipment rental fees are just $20 for the season for termites and $30 for mites.

How do I sign up my child?

Click here to register now. Note that your player will also need to register with USA Hockey and be issued a USA Hockey membership number in order to register. Links to do so are part of our registration process.

When is the season?

Registration starts during the summer. New families can register up to December 31st, although by late October is preferred. The start of hockey season depends on age level. Typically older kids start mid October and younger kids start in late October or early November.

The regular hockey season runs through the end of February or into early March, again depending on age level.

What if my child doesn’t like it?

There are two Try Hockey for Free events held each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Kids can try on hockey gear and skates and spend time on the ice with current players. It is a fun way to give hockey a try before committing.

Any new player that decides hockey is not the sport for him or her has until November 15 to cancel and receive a full refund on the registration fee, jersey fee and equipment rental, and points obligation. He or she can receive a 50% refund on those items from November 16 – December 31. (The USA Hockey fee is non-refundable. More detail on refunds for players not completing a season may be found in the BISA Handbook).

Where and when are practices/games held?

All teams practice and play home games at Larson Ice Center, which has two sheets of ice. Practices and games can be on either rink, depending on scheduling. The time of day and number of days per week varies by age level.

The Varsity team helping a new skater at Try Hockey for Free