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What equipment does my child need?

By Brookings Rangers, 10/29/17, 9:20PM CDT


The Brookings Rangers offer a rental program for much of the equipment your child needs to make playing hockey easy and affordable. Rentals are available to Termites, Mites, and Squirts plus all first-year skaters.

These items are included in your rental package:
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Royal Blue Breezers (pants)
  • Gloves
  • White helmet with face guard
  • Elbow pads
  • Shin guards

Equipment rental fees are just $20 for the season for termites and $30 for mites. If you choose to buy rather than rent, refer to the official handbook for team colors and certification requirements. It is helpful to work with someone with experience so that everything fits properly and safely.

Equipment you need to buy
  • Mouth Guard
  • Skates: make sure your child is properly fitted for skates. Buying skates are much different than shoes; kids do not wear the same size as in shoes.
  • Stick: a stick for a new player does not have to be expensive. Generally, a new skater’s stick should reach his or her nose when standing in stocking feet - ask your coach or local store professional for additional guidance.
  • Hockey Socks: available at the Ranger “Penalty Box” retail store, upstairs at the rink.
  • Practice Jersey: any color or style is fine
  • Protective undergarment: more than a jock and cup, these special shorts have Velcro to keep the socks up. Boys and girls versions available.
  • Hockey Bag: optional, but you’ll appreciate having everything in one place. Take equipment out each night after practice to dry. Many kids, especially younger one, appreciate the bags with wheels.
Where do I find all of this equipment?

There are a few options to find the equipment that is not included in your rental. “Brookings Hockey Buy, Sell, Trade” Facebook page is one source for used equipment. Hockey Headquarters in Sioux Falls and numerous online vendors (such as Total Hockey, Hockey Monkey, and Hockey Giant) are retail options.